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Stopping Common Core

Working together and getting involved, we can still save the greatest education system in the world. We should all strive to make it better, but Common Core is not the answer.

Become a Force for Change

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CCSS Parent Opt Out Form

Provided by Truth In American Education, this form may or may not be legally binding upon your school or State Board of Education. but it sends a powerfull message. Download Form or go to Truth In American Education

StopCCSI Toolkit

Provided by Truth In American Education, this helpful ToolKit is a valuable resource that will help you gather information, educate yourself and others and take action in addressing the issues. Go to Toolkit

Common Core - Purpose

The stated purpose of the Common Core Standards Initiative is to reduce the disparity between state performance. The goal is not to improve educational outcomes for individual students. Common Core will not reduce the achievement gap within states.

Shocking video suggests a different objective. Your children are not yours! Article with Video

US Constitutional Considerations

At the time the constitution was drafted education was deemed to be something best left to local communities and the States, and so it was left out of the Constitution. They felt this way because they were very wary of a federal government acquiring too much power under the new Constitution. They did not want the federal government dictating what should and should not be taught in schools in place of parents and the local communities. They backed up this belief with the 10th Amendment, which effectively prohibits all federal involvement in education.

Other potential legal barriers...

General Education Provisions Act
Department of Education Organization Act
Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965

Leaders in "Stop Common Core" initiatives

Excellent 57 page, downloadable, pdf booklet on stopping Common Core AFRW Booklet
Tennessee Eagle Forum Common Core
Tennessee Against Common Core Many resources and links.
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