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Welcome to Unofficial Fayette County, Tennessee

Fayette County combines a rich agricultural tradition, small town America and a modern urban metroplex. We are an easy commute to Memphis, but still a world apart.

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County Technical Advisory Service

An agency of The University of Tennessee Institute for Public Service, CTAS provides studies and research in county government, publications, educational conferences and attendance thereto, and to furnish technical, consultative and field services to counties of the state in problems relating to fiscal administration, accounting, tax assessment and collection, law enforcement, and public works, and in any and all matters relating to county government.


Fayette County's Future

The future of Fayette County is being determined today. How will the County deal with Growth? Education? Economic Oppostunity? Environmental Issues?

What will be the nature of the relationship between Fayette County and Shelby County? Will Fayette County and the tiny towns within the county be successfull in their efforts to enhance the quality of life for all of the residents of the local communities?

Get Involved

Reconnect with your neighbors, community leaders, teachers, religious leaders, first responders and business owners. If we all work together we can accomplish great things, create better communities and become better citizens. We encourage you to submit your questions, recommendations, content and suggestions to us.

Please help us create a resource for all of us!

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